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If you live in New York City—or lurk with public media a good small bit—chances are you’ve come across these odd and remarkable sight: A huge, colorful design of bright flowers placed at the seemingly random location. Perhaps a larger-than-life bunch of forsythia and sunflowers broke from an empty city trash can. Or a mammoth garland of flower hung in a icon in Central Park.

These installations become so striking, they’ve probably caused you to stay in your tracks. They’ve also probably caused you to ponder the individuality in the pro bandit after these glorious acts.
Flowers Palma
The master bandit, it turns out, is Lewis Miller, a florist recognized regarding his fantastical marry and group arrangements. Over the last few months, he with his merry ring of beautifiers have been there stealthily creating just what they describe Flower Flashes. The goal? And then bring joy to their other citizens’ daily commutes. “Gifting flowers to Fresh Yorkers is a basic idea that I have been thinking about for years,” Lewis says. “I remain in the business of imagination and flowers, and my work to transform key times in my clients’ lives in joyful, everlasting memories. I needed to create a similar feeling for the everyday city-dwellers and visitors of New York City.”
Below, Lewis gives Vogue a closer look at the Flower Speeds, and shares what more you can demand by the burgeoning side project.
Flowers Palma
“With our own primary single, the Dream Mosaic with Central Park, we stayed astonished at how fast a group had founded. With on this period of communal media, we meet the fruits of our sweat then stayed immediately rewarded by Instagram! We reached see how your objective translated into really time with hundreds of selflies with photos recording the blooms throughout the course of the day. It was really great to observe people adjusted with corrected the installation, sometimes with arranging the flowers, other point through merely showing them!”
“Who doesn’t like to get flowers? They remain like a luxury, with New York Area is a really gritty, fast-paced town. If we can take nature—something fierce with sumptuous—to New Yorkers and make them look, how people laugh when they watch a casual achievement of kindness, and then that is a great point. That takes place our aim. It’s a very simple idea but powerful, I think, to try to produce a emotional reaction through flowers.”

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